MINI Approved Oil

Using the correct oil is critical to the performance and economy of the engine. 1% fuel saving can be achieved by using MINI approved oil.
Lubricants are now an important part of the design process for a MINI engine.
MINI’s long oil service intervals test the oil’s ability to maintain performance. In addition, many engines rev to high levels which means mean that the oil used must have strong anti-wear properties.

MINI Original Oil 0W-30 lubricants offers a 1% fuel saving due to its low friction qualities. It also reduces emissions, prolongs catalyst and diesel particulate filter life and increases wear protection. This is the oil that is in the car when it leaves the factory. In short it helps to deliver the MINImalism package in full.

MINI Service Authorised Workshops only use oils that meet MINI requirements thereby ensuring extended service intervals and the continued benefits of MINImalism.